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So NaNoWriMo starts soon. Too soon. Not soon enough. I've got a plot, and a few characters, and some rough ideas, but I'm not yet ready - but then again, I never will be. I will never know enough about my book, any book, to ever start writing it. I don't know enough until after I have written it. And I want to start writing NOW, dagnabit.

My main character is one of many infogaps. I don't know much about her yet. One of the supporting characters is much more clear to me: I know her full name, her main interests, her hobbies, even what sort of house she lives in. And this is not a bad thing. I just need to figure out my MC - she's the one I'll be focused on most for the month, after all.

ps: Why does LJ "detect" my location as the UK?
So, more than one person has mentioned this article: Alumna sues college because she hasn't found a job. In short, a college grad alleges that her college hasn't done enough to help her get a job, and she is still unemployed after graduating all of (gasp!) 3 months ago.

This is especially interesting to me right now, since I've done much thinking lately about entitlement mentality, socioeconomic distinctions, the concept of "living wage," and general attitudes toward money. A lot of this has been triggered by wedding preparations, and the potentially high costs for related goods and services. My own employment situation (underemployment situation, really) also contributes. More on all that in another post, if I ever get around to it.

Ali has responded to this article in These Gentlemen, a blog she writes for. I found myself writing a long comment to her post - read the post HERE - so I've put it below the cut, to give my poor neglected LJ a bit more substance.

nothing earthshattering, Ali"s post is still betterCollapse )

Cudjoe update

Update from Cudjoe Key:

- Got a photography job a couple of weeks ago! I shoot tourists as they board boats (for snorkeling trips, sunset sails, etc), and while they're out, I print the photos so they're ready for purchase when the boat returns. Occasionally I get to go out on the big boat and shoot people as they ride jet skis and climb a big inflatable watertoy and participate in various other recreational oceanic activities. National Geographic it's not, but it's fun, and it's photo experience.

- Several people on my sunset sail boats bought pictures today, and many also made nice comments. One lady showed her picture to her friends, telling them how happy she was with it, and then she turned to me and said, "I'd hire you!"

- The same sunset boat held a little girl and her family. When the little girl saw their picture, she grabbed it and ran to her mom, yelling, "Look! Look! Can we get it? Look! Please?"

- Those two tied for Best Photo Compliment of the Day.

- Cats and dog are all getting along. Chagi is still fascinated by the cats; they are less enthused about him. He so desperately wants to play with them.

- We now have a sailboat! Nick bought the 1981 MacGregor 25 that was here! We took it out into the channel yesterday. Good times. :)

- I have quite a lot of hunger. In fact, I've just gotten home after working a 12-hour day, having eaten nothing except some applesauce for breakfast and one granola bar for lunch.

- Some of the food that is currently in the kitchen will not be there ten minutes from now. This is because I will put it inside my stomach.

That is all for now.

maybe it's in Sunnydale

Still up sorting and packing.

In the meantime, I wandered across this garage sale ad.

The interesting part is near the end. After listing the usual garage-sale mix of clothing, housewares, books, knickknacks, etc, the poster also writes:

Vampire killing kit. Mallet and wooden stakes. --$5

That would be a garage sale worth going to.

sleep is unnecessary

It's almost 6 am. I've been up all night, sorting and packing. Assisting me in this endeavor have been Cats! and Coffee! and Motivation Brownies!

Oh my gracious, the brownies... I don't hold them out as rewards or bribes - I know myself well enough to know that doesn't really work. Instead, I eat one when I just can't pack any more, and the sugar and chocolate and mint and overall amazingness helps me continue!

Mom arrives this evening. Hopefully I can get the place looking a bit less like an explosion.


Aug. 10th, 2008

Quick update on the cats:

Decided to use Advantage, plus carpet powder. I started seeing dead fleas on the floors by that night. By the next afternoon, there were no more fleas on the cats. I scrubbed and vacuumed the floors and have not seen a live flea since.

We are all very happy.

teh webz knows all

I'm on my way out the door to run errands, but need to draw upon the wisdom of the internet:

You know I like critters of all kinds, including bugs. And I think fleas are fascinating - they fill their niche so well, and are so amazingly specialized for doing what they do. They fill a surprisingly important role in the ecosystem, and all that.

However, they make my cats unhappy, and my cats' welfare comes before that of random fleas.

Yes, we've got some fleas. I've been avoiding chemicals; instead, I've tried garlic and Brewer's yeast in their food, essential oils sprayed around their bedding, and so forth. However, these fleas are giggling at all that. There are more home remedies I haven't tried yet, sure, but while I go through unsuccessful attempt after unsuccessful attempt, the fleas are multiplying and throwing enormous house parties.

So I'm stepping it up a bit, and will be treating the carpet with powder and the cats with flea shampoo. I'm not apprehensive about bathing Katy and Christopher Variant; they won't like it, but they'll get over that.

My question is about Lotus. She's still semi-feral, and has only recently gotten to the point where she'll let me touch her without instantly bolting. She won't stay still for petting, but will let me give her one or two strokes before she moves away. I'm worried that if I force her into a bath, it will undo what little trust she does have.

Not bathing her is *not* an option. She's got the worst case (in fact, these fleas likely came in with her). Is there any way to do this without traumatizing her?

Abby, I'm especially hoping for advice from you, considering your wealth of experience with semi-ferals. But I'll also be thrilled to hear from anyone else with advice, ideas, comments, or cookies.


News of the Feline Type

Biggest news lately:


Two new cats, one from a shelter, one from a rescue. Both female. (And by "new," I mean a month or two.)

Christopher Variant, just under a year old (shelter's best guess):


She likes to help me assemble Ikea stuff. Mostly by laying on it. She lays on pretty much everything, in fact, including the *edge* of cage panels prior to assembly. There are some CV-lying-on-things pictures in my Flickr, but there are many many more I haven't uploaded yet.

And this is Lotus, right about one year old:


Lotus came from a feral colony. She was picked up during a trap-neuter-release operation, and was almost put back into the colony, but one of the volunteers thought she might be homable. (Is that a word?) She was a few months old at the time, maybe 4 or 5, and went to live at the rescue's shelter. They were very patient with her, and got her to the point where she was comfortable with the shelter people. She's still very skittish around other people, though, and when I first met her a month ago, she hid.

But she's been here in our little world for a month now, and has come far. She'd always gotten along with other cats, so there were no problems between her and Katherine or Christopher Variant when I finally made the introductions. But since I'm a humanoid, she kept her distance from me for a while.

(She also terrified me the second day I had her: I went into the kitchen, which was her sealed-off room, and could not find her. Nearly panicked - I've been entrusted with this beautiful cat, and within two days, I've lost her! :P Finally noticed her on top of the kitchen cabinets, just staring at me. Ceiling cat monks live in remote monastery.)

We've gotten to the point now where she eats treats from my hand, doesn't run away when I walk near her, and sits beside me and sniffs my face when she thinks I'm asleep. She's not cuddly, and is still skittish about being petted, but that's ok. I don't want to rush anything. I'm just thrilled she doesn't hide from me any more. :)


Jul. 25th, 2008

Where are all my external hard drives? I've got, like, five, but can locate exactly zero.


One of these days, I should finish unpacking and actually use the computer room for the computers.


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